Haul: The Body Shop (Mother's Day Sale!)

The Body Shop had a sale for Mother's Day. Most of their items were up to 40% off and their best selling products were Buy One Get One Free (BOGO)! Couldn't pass this opportunity so I went ahead and did some shopping.


First one that I grabbed is my new favorite facial wash. The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash. I've already finished a whole bottle of this and I loved it. Even my husband liked it. So as crazy as it might seem. I got four bottles of this. It was BOGO so I thought it was a steal! It feels really refreshing on the skin, I guess I might actually do a review about it soon.
Price: PHP 595 each (Original price is PHP 595 but it was BOGO)

Next one is another one of my current faves. The Vitamin E Moisture Cream. I'm currently using this one and I am almost out of it so I thought I'd already repurchase some backups because I'm really loving this product so much. I will also do a review of this soon.
Price: PHP 695 each (Original price is PHP 695 but it was BOGO)

Next one I got is the Almond Hand and Nail Cream. Yes, I am almost out of my Soap and Glory Hand Food so I thought I'd grab this one. It's smaller/slimmer than my Soap and Glory one so I thought this would be more perfect to carry around my bag. It also comes with a nail file.
Price: PHP 337.50 (Original Price is PHP 450. It's 25 % off)

I also wanted to try their body butter so I got the Papaya body butter (I like the smell of this one compared to the other scents they have). I've been having dry hands and feet and was hoping this could help. I've been using body butters from Victoria's Secret before, and they worked well. Hope this one does too!
Price: PHP 417 (Original price is 695. It's 40% off)

Lastly, I got a free gift for spending over PHP 2,500! It's a mini travel sized Satsuma body wash and body lotion in Clementine.

So this is basically everything that I got from The Body Shop. I am so happy with my purchase and savings! If you want a review of any of the products I mentioned please do comment and let me know which one you'd like to see a review of.

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's out there!


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