Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner (oil free)

I was running out of my nth bottle of Obagi toner and I thought I'd go for a cheaper alternative this time. I love the Obagi one it is super gentle and it doesn't dry or irritate my skin. I've been using it for so long but I must admit that the price is a bit steep. I went ahead and did research and read somewhere that the Obagi toner is made of witch hazel and someone suggested a Witch Hazel toner as an alternative.


I got giddy when I found out about it especially because I had an upcoming trip to the US. So I had it on my To Buy list. I got this bottle in a CVS store in New York. It costs $6.45 +tax. Honestly, It was pretty cheap for a 473ml of toner. It's a steal! The bottle is HUGE, I was actually worried it might spill all over my luggage when I pack it but I found out it had a sort of a foil seal inside. So it arrived home safely, no mess.
I read that witch hazel helps fight acne. It reduces redness, minimizes pores and gets rid of excess oil but keeps your skin moisturized. Now after using this toner for about a month already, I can say that it is in fact very gentle on my skin. I felt like I was just using my Obagi toner, there was no burning sensation or anything like that. It is oil free and it does not dry up my skin. I also did not experience any red bumps, pimple or irritation. My skin is usually very picky but this product definitely passed with flying colors! The only difference between Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner and Obagi Nuderm Toner is the smell. And that is the only downside I could see about this product. Obagi Toner has this nice gently fruity kind of grapefruit scent to it but the Dickinson's one have a strong vodka scent to it. That is if you try to smell it directly from the bottle. But when you apply it, it's not that bad and the scent doesn't stay or anything.
 So... Will I repurchase? Of course! I am super happy with this product. I don't really know if I can go on with my life without it anymore lol. But seriously, this is a real amazing product. $6.45 for a HUUUUGE bottle. It's cheap yet works so well.

How am I gonna repurchase if I'm in the Philippines? Well good news! I just found out that Healthy Options now carry this product. Hooray!! And it only costs around 300 pesos as far as I can remember. Not bad! I am so happy and excited that this product is within reach and I can purchase it anytime now that it's available in the Philippines! If you want to try it out, I believe they also have it in smaller bottles. :)

The Verdict: Excellent Kitty!


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