Kat Von D Adora Train Case

I got this train case about a month ago. Ordered it online and I was so excited to finally have it on my hands! I wanted to post about it as soon as it arrived but I have been busy for the past weeks. *sigh*


I fell in love with the design when I saw it online. It truly is a work of art. I also thought it suits my personality. I've seen a pink train case before and I almost bought it, just because I've been really wanting to get me a train case. My bf didn't like the pink train case and told me it's because I'm not a pink person (which is true lol). But when I showed him this Kat Von D Adora train case, no second thoughts he told me I should get it.

It's made of good quality. I think it's made of wood and the black lining on the sides are made of some sort of metal. Unlike other train cases I have seen, they are usually made of plastic... It is kind of heavy, but I don't really mind because it's big and it has a lot of space.

Make up can be messy. I want to keep this train case clean as much as possible (because I love it so much lol), so I have placed an orange cloth in each section.

Keys are included. Forgot to take photo of it. :D
I used to have all my make up on my dresser. It's been looking all disastrous for months. Palettes piled up everywhere. I'm glad I finally have this train case. I have more space for my make up. I still have some on my dresser though, especially the ones I use everyday and bigger palettes that wouldn't fit the train case.

Rating: Excellent Kitty!


sahar awan said...

hey u picked pretty stuff..

sugar sugar said...

hello sis! that's such a beautiful traincase. where did you buy it? x) baka meron pa hahaha!

Catmare said...

@Sugar, Hi sis! It's from Sephora. I pre-ordered it from Houseofflair.Multiply :) Hope you can still get it! :)

Jackie said...

That's gorgeous! Your makeup collection looks lovely and organized inside. =))

Sweethestia said...

You have a cute train case and the one thing that i live about your trains case is the size. Not too big.

Chriselle Sy said...

Super gorgeous! How much was it? I wish it came bigger. Like super duper bigger. haha

By the way, I changed my blog URL!
Cosmetic Fixation

Catmare said...

@chriselle, I got it on sale. I think it was about $70+ something. :) Will check your new blog sis. :)

Naseem Delan said...

that is so awesome i want one!!! Im a new follower of yours and would love it if you stop by my blog and follow back perhaps?


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