DHC Eyelash Tonic

The DHC Eyelash Tonic conditions and nourishes for a stronger, longer and fuller lashes. I've had this for quite a while now and I have been using this for around 5-6 months. I am almost running out of it, so I thought it's time for a product review.

According to DHC:
This conditioning gel nourishes lashes prone to breakage and encourages a more robust lash line. Aloe, watercress, and comfrey seal in moisture for greater elasticity. The curved applicator brush helps you distribute the gel evenly from lash root to tip. Use it under mascara during the day and as a bedtime treatment.
The photo above was taken 2 months ago. As of today, I only have a little left of the product.
I was in a DHC store when I saw this. I remembered it from other blogs and websites that I visited sometime ago. Honestly, it was the only DHC product I am familiar with aside from the cleansing oil. I bought this product out of curiosity and have religiously used it for months until now.

I used this day and night before. But I stopped using it in the morning because my eye makeup tends to transfer to the brush. Thus, contaminating the entire bottle. Making it look gross (as you can see from the photo above).

The product smells like Japanese something. I don't know really. But it reminds me of something Japanese. Like sake, maybe?

Anyway, this does not irritate my eyes. And if you ask me if it lives up to its promise of fuller and longer lashes? My answer would be YES.

Unfortunately, me and my sisters weren't blessed with long and full lashes. We have short ones and are barely even noticeable. I used to have a difficult time curling my lashes, because they were too short.  After using this product for months, I really noticed that my lashes are longer and thicker than they were before. I am amazed!

One more thing. I know it's not advisable to use waterproof mascara all the time as it can be drying and can cause damage on eyelashes. But I am someone who prefers using waterproof mascara. I think the DHC eyelash tonic is a great nightly treatment for my lashes because it conditions and nourishes, making them stronger.

This product works and I'd like to continuously use it as a nightly treatment for my lashes. I'm going to repurchase!

Rating: Excellent Kitty!


Gellie Abogado said...

it's like a moisturizer for your lashes, correct? ;)

Michelle said...

Hey, thanks for reading my blogpost, I was hoping to find a DHC review after reading your comment, and viola! And it sounds amazing :D I wonder if I can get this in Australia, or maybe a dupe? Thanks for the review ^^

Anonymous said...

i seriously want to try this product.
i love waterproof mascara~so i really need something to protect my lashes.
i hope i can get this one.. o.O

Catmare said...

@Gellie, yes it is! And it lengthens my lashes too, which is great :)

@Michelle, Sadly this isn't available from where I live. I got this from my trip to Japan. I also saw this in Singapore. I am not sure if it's available in Australia but I think it's available in the USA. I'm really hoping I could get me a new one again as I am running out of the product already. :(

@Diane, I hope you find it dear. And hope it works for you too :)

sugar sugar said...

i think i need this because i also use waterproof mascaras a lot and like you, i wasn't born with thick gorgeous eyelashes. :(

thanks for this review sis! :)

Anonymous said...

This is the most popular lash treatment you know ;)

Kitten said...

we all need this, i hope someone will supply this for us.

thanks for sharing

Crystal said...

this looks like a good product! thank you for sharing.

Noniek said...

I want to try this. My lashes are short also


Kumiko Mae said...

oh i wish i can get my hands on this. i badly need something to thicken my lashes now!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm from Finland and I'm about to buy that if it works. How long did it take to notice that it works? I mean, did it take long? There are so many products like this so I just want to know that it really works :)

Catmare said...

Sorry for the late reply :( Anyway, honestly I couldn't remember anymore but I think it took about a few weeks (2-3). I actually have ran out of the product already and I badly want to repurchase it again.

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