The Body Shop: Vitamin E Hand and Nail Treatment

A few months ago, I came across this Vitamin E Hand and Nail Treatment at The Body Shop. It was on a 50% off sale if I'm not mistaken. So instead of paying PHP 595 for it, I got it for around PHP 200+ only.


According to The Body Shop:

An easily-absorbed moisturizing hand and nail treatment cream that helps to protect, condition, and soften the hands, nails, and cuticles. Ideal for everyday use.

I have another hand cream that I leave at home. I got this so I can throw it in my bag and carry it around with me everyday. This is a 75ml tube. It's kind of bigger compared to the usual travel size hand cream. But I don't mind.

It's pink and it smells like the rest of the Vitamin E line from The Body Shop. It's not sticky and it moisturizes my hands pretty well. Sometimes when I am at home, instead of reaching for my "home" hand cream, I use this especially when my hands are feeling dry... Lately, I noticed that my hands feel softer.

I also like that it's a nail treatment at the same time. Sometimes when I remember to, I even apply this on my toe nails. :D Seems weird but I think it helps keep both my hand and toe nails stronger.

Wouldn't leave the house without it!

Rating: Very good kitty!


Sweethestia said...

Wow thanks for this review. My mom loves hand and nail treatment. I will definitely gonna but her this one. Thanks again.

breakingrumours said...

that is a steal! :D like sweethestia my mom loves hand and nail treatment's too. lol mothers i might just get her one too lol

Nicole said...

great deal for Php200+. i should go check out TBS when they are on sale. curious to try out their products.

Aya said...

Cool, 50% off! This sounds like a good product... I like that it has a nail strengthening property :)))

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

wow i love discount! hope i can still find it and get some 50% off .. i really need some hand creams for my uber dry hands..
thanks for this review hun!

Anonymous said...

you've got some awards hun!

Anonymous said...

great deal, and great product putting it on my " buy list"!

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