Eye Brow Stencil from Saizen

I found this eye brow stencil from Saizen a few days ago. The stencil consists of four shapes: Elegant, Classic, Delicate and Glamorous. I wasn't exactly convinced at first if I should get this or not. I didn't know if I really needed it in the first place. And it costs PHP 85, which I thought was expensive for a piece of plastic.

My bf was with me that time and I asked if I should get it or not. He told me it could be useful and that I should just get it. And yes, I bought it and I have tried and tested it for a couple of times already. 


Like I mentioned earlier, I honestly didn't know if I actually needed this. I mean, I have my brows threaded every once in a while and I just follow and fill in the sparse areas with my brow pencil/kit. It's not really difficult. But on a day like today, when my brows have started to grow back, it is kind of difficult because my brows start to lose their shape. And so I thought this stencil could help.

My eye brows have started to grow already. It's been more than a month (I think) since my last threading. So as you can see, brows started to grow everywhere. Here's how it looks like right now. Sorry if my hair is everywhere. I didn't notice when I took the picture. :D

Among the four stencils, my brow shape is Delicate. I carefully positioned the stencil on my brow using one hand. With the other hand, I filled my brows first with my Maybelline Brow Pencil and then I topped it with darkest shade from my Etude House Brow Kit.

See how nice it looks! This may look too harsh for some of you. You have the option to brush it as much as you like to make it look more natural.

After brushing, here's how it looks.

Here's how the other patterns look like. I didn't brush these on purpose so you can see the precise shape of each pattern. 



(my brow started to grow back and it's currently thicker than the pattern)

So far, I am in fact loving the stencil that I got. The only downside I can think of is that it's kind of difficult to fill in your brows with a brow pencil. It gets caught on the edges and it kind of ruins my pencil. 

I thought before that it was useless and that I didn't really need one. But now, I think it's a must have. I am actually thinking of getting another one just because I'm afraid it won't last long or it might rip apart easily because it's just made of plastic. IDK yet. I'm still thinking if I should. Something at the back of my head still tells me that PHP 85 is a bit expensive for a piece of plastic. Haha! What do you guys think?

Rating: Very good


Kitten said...

oh this is so cool, can you try the glamorous, Will buy this one. thanks for sharing

DeBi said...

oh dear it is so cool!!!
sang saizen mo nabili ito?

Charina said...

im also interested to have this, and ya! where did you bought this??

Catmare said...

@Kitten, I will update this post in a while and include photos of the other patterns when applied.

@Debi and Charina, I got it from Saizen for PHP 85 at a local mall here in my province. Kinda far from Manila. Maybe you guys can check out the beauty section of your local Saizen, maybe they have it as well. :)

Catmare said...

updated the post :)

Jessy said...

ooooo i like it~~~ive always wanted to try Brow Stencils...cuz i hate my brows....they never look even...


Anonymous said...

Ohh I've always wanted to try these brow stencils out, but my brows are so un-normal. They practically have no arch whatsoever. :(
Glad its working for you!

sugar sugar said...

i think i need something like this. hopefully i can still find it. :D

Charina said...

guys if you like something like this check this link:


Catmare said...

@Charina, nice find! They even have brow stencils for men. Although, I think they are kinda pricey. I guess the one I got from Saizen is cheap after all. :D

AandW said...

Oh, I really love to have those.. :)
Nice blog..

WILL - www.reviews-all.blogspot.com

Rochelle Kawasaki-Rivera said...

It's definitely a must have. I google for a review for an eyebrow stencil and found your site.


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