Butterfly Award

First of all I would like to thank Jackie for giving me the Butterfly Award.

Rules: Write something about yourself and link it back to the one who sent it to you and then pass it on to 7 people.

About Me:

- I guess I've said this before and I'll say it again. I am a cat person. I just love cats. I have two cats at home. Both are adopted. I also collect anything that has a cat in it. Figurines, collectibles, etc.. But I do like dogs, too.

- I like to eat a lot at night. Chips and chocolates. I don't know but this is what usually happens. I crave for something sweet, I eat something sweet. After eating something sweet, I crave for something salty, so I eat something salty. And after that I'll crave for something fruity or maybe sweet again. lol. It just goes on and on.

- I love the cold and gloomy atmosphere when it rains. And when it does, I like to stay at home. Just lazying around watching or listening to music that reminds me of my younger years. lol.

So I guess that's all. I would like to pass this award to 5 bloggers:

- Codename Aya
- Kitten
- Sugar
- Debi
- Jessy

Thanks for reading :)


Aya said...

I like the cold weather too (at least, better than summer days)! Thanks for tagging dear :DDD

Kitten said...

thanks for the award catmare, im deeply touched

cat lovers for the win!

Catmare said...

looking forward to knowing you guys better :)

sugar sugar said...

i also love to eat at night LOL! x) congrats on the award dear!

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