Etude House: Vitamin E Face Mask

Yet another Face Mask post! I'm really loving face masks. I never thought I would, but I do now. Anyway, I had another face mask and this time I tried Etude House' Essence Mask Vitamin E.

From the packaging it says:
Essence mask for anti-wrinkled and moisturized skin with Vitamin E and Algae extract.

This face mask gave me the same tingly sensation once applied. It has a refreshing scent that is so relaxing. I like that it's Vitamin E. Definitely good for the skin. I definitely noticed how it made my skin super soft and supple in the morning. And there's no irritation.

I have to say, this is yet another favorite from Etude House's face masks! I have tried three so far. And this is currently on the top of my list. Definitely going to repurchase soon! :)

Rating: Very good Kitty!


sugar sugar said...

have you tried their 3d masks na sis? you should haha! :) i like their masks too. ^_^

D.Sadie said...

Nice! I want to try this.


Jackie said...

Sounds great! I've never tried EH masks but now I think I should.

Catmare said...

@sugar, I haven't yet. Next time, I'll get one of those :)

@D.Sadie and Jackie, hope it works well for you too!

DeBi said...

havent tried any all!!!

maybe i should give them attention na

Miss Independent said...

i love anything with vitamin E! i also tend to buy anything with vitamin E, lol!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, it seems that EH skin care products work well for most Pinays. Will have to try this soon. Thanks for the review! :D

New follower here. ;D

MACaholic117 said...

i use this mask and it's really good!

please check my youtube channel if you have time! :) it's "MACaholic117"

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