Fashion 21: Eye Shadow Brush

Here's a review of a nice inexpensive brush that is locally available in the Philippines. It's the Fashion 21 Eye Shadow Brush. They have two sizes of eyeshadow brush and I got the bigger one.

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This brush is soft and it does not scratch my skin.  I use it mainly for my brow bone highlight or as an all over eyeshadow brush. It works and it blends my eyeshadows well.

I have an Elianto eyeshadow brush (smaller than this) that I have purchased long ago and as far as I can remember it costs  PHP 100 to PHP 200+. I think the softness of the Elianto brush is comparable to this brush. But the Fashion21 brush is actually denser, which is good.

The only sad thing about this brush is that it sheds a little. But for the price, I guess it's not that bad. This brush costs PHP 85 (USD 1.98).

Rating: Good Kitty


~tHiAmErE~ said...

a great find!

that's also a problem that i encountered on my other local brushes..shedding issue

Aya said...

I have their blending brush. They're pretty decent for the price no? :D

sugar sugar said...

thanks for this review. :) i don't like brushes that shed. :/ i would rather invest on a good brush that i can wash rather than ones that would shes hehe. >.< but that's just me. :]

Tiffiefum said...

Great review, I think I wanna try that eye shadow brush soon!:D I think Fashion 21's products are very affordable and at the same time have good quality. I use their liquid dipliner too!:)

By the way, I tagged you and gave you an award! Check this post to see!<3

Trendy Karen said...

I like their lip and cheek tint product. Fashion 21 products are truly nice and affordable.

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