Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream

I am very particular about my hands. Months ago, I noticed that my hands are starting to get kind of rough because I give bath to 7 of our dogs! Imagine 7! That's a lot. But actually they're just chihuahuas. So they're not that big. But still, I think all the water and shampoo are drying up my hands... Good thing I had Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream!

"Supreme softening and surface smoothing make this ultra-rich hand balm a bestseller. Silky but grease-free, it smoothes rough cuticles too."

This is probably the best hand cream I have ever used. It worked so well for me. It definitely made my hands super soft and smooth again. It had a slight lemon scent to it. Which I liked because I prefer that kind of scent instead of the floral ones. I also liked how silky smooth it felt, definitely no greasy or sticky feeling after application.

The tube I got is just the "to go" size (1 oz) and it costs $8. Quite pricey really, but it worked wonders for me so I believe it's worth it. Sadly, I already ran out of the product. If I could repurchase, I would. But sadly, my bro-in-law who used to get me stuff at Sephora is no longer in the US. :( I'm hoping I could acquire this again soon.

Rating: Excellent Kitty!


MissKatv said...

wow. that a lot! 7 cute doggies?! I wish I have one. Haha. my mom and dad doesn't want me to get one. :/ Hope that hand cream is also available here. I badly need one too!

Jbreezybaby said...

nice review! i love the l'occitane hand cream,its about the same price range ($10 i think) and it smells hella good and soo creamy but not greasy! the full size is soo expensive... something i refuse to pay for a lotion!

Catmare said...

@MissKatv Yup 7 cute little doggies! haha my Mom loves them. Malambing kasi sila. :)

@Jbreezybaby I haven't tried l'occitane but we have a counter here from where I live. Maybe I should try it out sometime. Thanks for letting me know

sugar sugar said...

great review! i agree with jbreezybaby try l'occitane and crabtree and velyn dear. they have amazing hand creams! ^_^

J00CiiEx said...

omg 7 dogs, you must have been tired after bathing them lol.

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