Clinique All About Eyes

Clinique All About Eyes comes in two variants: All About Eyes and All About Eyes Rich. I believe the first one is on the lighter side and the latter is thicker and richer (hence, the name). I've never tried All About Eyes Rich, but I have been constantly using their All About Eyes variant. I am already on my 3rd jar and I am still very happy with this product.

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What I like the most about this product is how lightweight it is. It's perfect when you live in a hot and humid weather because it's not sticky or greasy when applied. It immediately sinks into my skin leaving it well moisturized throughout the day.

I use this during the day and apply makeup over it. It helps me avoid that dry patchy look under my eyes especially when I apply concealer or liquid foundation. And like I said, it's not greasy so you don't have to worry about your makeup slipping and sliding.

This eye cream is fragrance-free and it does not irritate my skin or my eyes. I'm definitely going to repurchase this again! If you're looking for a basic lightweight eye cream. You might like this too.

Rating: Very good kitty!


sugar sugar said...

i wonder where my comment went? :/ if it got published pls delete this one. this looks like a great product and being on your 3rd jar is proof that you really love it! great review sis! :)

Harija said...


wanna follow each other !

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Crystal said...

i actually find that this eye cream takes some time to be absorbed by the skin especially when you use a lot so i have to just use very little. it's what i use everyday too :)

Catmare said...

Hi Sugar, I only got one comment from you sis. Yup it works great. :)

Hi Crystal, I see. Maybe you're using the "rich" one? :)

MSodapop said...

this sounds great!
i want to try this.

Lil said...

H . Can you teach me how to use this by steps?

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