Haul from Singapore

Hi everyone! I just thought I'd make a haul post of the beauty stuff I got from Singapore. Mostly they are makeup stuff. I kind of regret not getting any skin care product (aside from the Neutrogena facial wash). I won't be posting the clothes I got from my trip because they all are now in the laundry.. Anyways here they are!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mousse Cleanser - a gentle hydrating cleanser. Rich, cushiony lather effectively foams away impurities, while a special hydrating agent adds back moisture so skin remains clean and soft.

Maybelline Total Clean: Express Makeup Remover - makeup removal and immediate softening. (I'm not sure if we have this in the Philippines, but I haven't seen one before so I thought I'd try it.)

Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil by Eyestudio - in grey

Bobbi Brown Corrector - in peach

Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit
- in beige

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Pop Beauty Cat Eyes - go from I don't know how to MEOW! lol.

Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes
- in black

My mom bought some things from Lancaster and the nice lady from the counter gave her a lot of samples. She also gave me these 3 Lancaster samples. Revolcanic deep moisturizing gel, Revolcanic Eyes deep moisturizing anti-fatique eye care, Eye Makeup Remover Soothing & Non-Oily. I have never tried any Lancaster product before so I am really excited to try these samples. :)

Got this cross connector ring. I love it.

And because I love cats and anything with a cat on it...

Puss in Boots from Universal Studios

Cute cat keychain from a store that I don't remember.

That's all. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Hopefully, I could do a review about the stuff I got soon. Have a great week ahead!


donnarence said...

i want to try the maybelline makeup remover.. we still do not have that one here in the phils..

Aya said...

Oh nice haul! :D And Puss-in-boots so cuuuuuute! :D

I'm a new follower:)

Kitten said...

nice haul, im curious about that cat mascara thingy, and I love your cat keychain

Catmare said...

@donnarence they also had the maybelline falsies and I wanted to try it too. But I thought we might have it here already. but Idk. I hope I'm right or else I'll regeret it. =/

@aya thanks! followed you, too.

@Kitten meow! I suppose you like cats, too =) "Cat Eyes" is actually an eyeliner. it has this angled tip for an easy cat flick application. I'll try and post about the product soon. =)

Kitten said...

mew mew... i don't like them, I LOVE them! haha, I own one. Oh okay, i thought it was a mascara, now that is interesting, looking forward for your post then. ^_^

coffretgorge said...

i want to go to SG and raid Sephora! lol :P nice haul! enjoy your goodies! :)

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