New found love: Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer Kit!

I have dark under eye circles and I've been on a quest for the perfect concealer. Have you ever had a picture taken (especially with flash) and the concealer on your eye area appeared too white or ashy? I have always been afraid of a concealer appearing like white mask on my eye area. I prefer something that would just look natural. So most of the time, I'd just settle with my foundation. Because I have tried different kinds and brands of concealers for my dark circles (like Fashion21, Maybelline, Sonia Kashuk, NYX concealer in a jar) and I haven't found the right one for me. Until now. My new found love, Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer Kit!

At the Bobbi Brown counter (in Takashimaya Singapore), I asked the SA which shade would suit me well. He applied it on. First the corrector (peach), then the concealer (beige), and finally he set it with the yellow powder. I've seen how my dark areas were gone like magic. But honestly I was hesitant at first. I was afraid the the Beige concealer might be too light for me. I thought of getting the corrector first. But as I walked around the department store, I looked in the mirror and it actually looked perfect. I my brother and my sister and everyone I was with if it didn't look too white. And they said it actually looked really well blended on my skintone. I also asked them to take a flash photo so I can see if it'll look white. It did look a bit white. Just a tinsy bit. Like it only brightened the area. But I think it actually looked nice. So there, I finally decided to get the concealer as well.

Here's a photo of me. Clean and moisturized without any concealer or foundation on.

1.) Peach Corrector
2.) Beige Concealer
3.) Yellow setting powder

I just used my Ecotools concealer brush for this application. I also tried it with my fingers and it works just as fine.

Applied the Peach Corrector using my Ecotools Concealer brush.

Gently patted it with my ring finger. The corrector and concealer have a light/almost liquidy texture. Kind of melts on my skin. I actually like it that way because it makes blending easier. It does settle on my lines when first applied with the brush, so I make sure that I pat it and let it blend on my skin.

Applied the Beige Concealer with my Ecotools concealer brush.

And again, I gently patted it with my ring finger to let it blend on my skin well. Then I set it with the yellow powder.
See the difference? :)
You can always build it up if you want more coverage.

And here after I finished my makeup, I turned the lights off my room and took a flash photo.

Love the effect! It covered my dark circles without making it look like I have a white mask on. I think it kind of brightened my under eye area but still it looks natural.

I bought the corrector for $41 SGD, while the concealer kit for $59 SGD. It's a bit pricey but I think it's definitely worth every penny.

Rating: Excellent Kitty!


coffretgorge said...

very nice! it gives full yet natural looking coverage... but im afraid its too much work for me :P im sticing to my CDP concealer for now. :D

RYC: i also have Anessa, but havent tried it yet. i have waaay too much sunscreen! XD

Crystal said...

it works well nga :) thanks for sharing!

Patricia Aquino said...

I Love the review!!! I have decide to buy this already!! Love it!!

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