My Hair Routine (Oily Hair)

My hair used to be dry. Because of that, I started to use hair products that would moisturize my hair. And IDK how, but my hair just stopped being dry. It was so much softer and smoother. I would even use different shampoos (but I often go back to Head & Shoulders especially when I feel that my hair is starting to feel oily) and still my hair would look and feel fine. I don't use shampoos like Clear, Vaseline or Pantene because they make my hair and scalp oily. And I really hate that.. So yeah, everything was fine until I started noticing that my hair was becoming more oily. Each day, I am excited to take a bath and rinse off all the oiliness on my hair. But after every wash, just after a few hours my hair would start to feel sticky again. ugh. IDK why, as far as I can remember, my hair used to be dry. And then it became normal. And then what.. OILY? ... I really hated having oily hair. It wasn't comfortable and it felt dirty. So anyway, I wanted to get rid of the oiliness so I stopped whatever hair product I was using. But it's taken too long already and nothing's working. I even went back to using Head & Shoulders but it didn't seem to work either. I went ahead and asked my friend what I should do about my oily hair. She said I might want to try Suave or White Rain's clarifying shampoo. I went ahead and read reviews. And based on reviews, Suave Daily Calrifying Shampoo seemed better. So I went ahead and purchased one from Watson's.

According to reviews, some people would use it just 1-3 times a week because it might be too drying. Others say it's fine to use it daily. My friend told me not to use it too often and I took her advice. I used it only 3 times a week. I use Head & Shoulders during the days when I'm not using it.. First time I used it, WOW. My head, scalp, hair felt really refreshed. I definitely noticed my hair feeling lighter without all the gunk and oiliness. I was impressed. Although I noticed that it really made my hair like "squeaky" clean when washing. Meaning I think it didn't moisturize at all. Because you can literally feel your hair squeak against your hands after washing. lol. So yeah, I only used it 3 times a week. But then, I noticed that the days when I'm not using it, my hair felt gunky all over again. So I tried using it every other day. And still, the same feeling on the days when I'm not using it. My hair was oily. So yeah, I am now using it everyday. And yep, I'm not having any problems with it at all. I guess there's a reason why they'd call it a "daily clarifying shampoo". I really think it's okay for everyday use. So far, I am loving the results. Been using it for months now. And I don't have oily hair anymore. It didn't dry out my hair either. It's just great. I love it.

Aside from Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo, these are some hair care products I use and love.

1.) Dove Body & Lift (Volumizing Mousse) - I have long, straight, black hair. But I don't like my hair looking limp, lifeless and flat. I apply this product while my hair is still damp in front of an electric fan. Yep, electric fan. Believe it or not, I can't blow dry my hair. IDK how other people do it. One hand with blow dry and the other hand with a brush. It's just too difficult for me work on my own hair. And my arms just get too tired easily when I raise them up to blow dry my hair. I'm really amazed at people who can blow dry their own hair. Can you guys give me tips? Heeehee... Anyways, back to the product. This mousse really helps me with my dilemma. It lifts and gives body to my hair (just like it says on the bottle). It doesn't grease up or flake. It has a nice clean scent as well. Nothing too strong and nauseating. I'm really loving this product.

2.) The Face Shop (Volumizing) Stylist Wax - One day, I had these stubborn portion of hair that wouldn't go to the direction I'd want them to. I asked my brother if he had gel. And he gave me this wax. He said I can have it cos the product is meant for girls and he's already bought another wax for himself anyways. So yeah, it wasn't even used that much and I was happy that it's even meant to "volumize". I dipped my finger on the jar and got a bit. I rubbed the wax in between my fingers then I applied it on my hair. Love it! It definitely helped me tame those stubborn hair. What's better was it didn't make my hair flat or look wet. It looked natural. Just how I want it to be.

So that's it for my current hair routine. Hope you enjoyed this post. =)


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