Help! RE: Setting Powder

Hi everyone! I've just purchased a MUFE Face and Body Foundation in #32 (alabaster beige). I'm a MAC NC40 and if you would research over the internet MUFE Face & Body Foundation in #34 is what they would usually suggest for NC40s... I have tried #34 but I felt that it was too dark for me. So I got #32 and I think it's the perfect shade.

MUFE Face and Body Foundation has a dewy finish so I'm thinking of purchasing a setting powder. I actually tried setting it with my MAC Studio Fix and MAC Sheer Select but they were kind of cakey when I apply them.

So I was wondering if you guys could suggest a good setting powder that I could use. I would really prefer something that wouldn't cake and is invisible. I would really hate it if a setting powder would leave my face white (making me look like a ghost). So if you guys have any suggestions. Please do leave a comment. Thanks!


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