Time to open Christmas gifts!

Okay, so who isn't excited about Christmas? I love love this holiday! I love to shop gifts for my loved ones and I always get so ecstatic waiting for 12 midnight so I could open gifts with my family. =)

I only got one gift that has beauty goodies in it. And it came from my brother! LOL.

My bf actually told me that he went to Shiseido a few days ago to get me something, but he was clueless of what to get. He didn't know what I liked or what I needed. So he got me a bag instead... And the rest of the gifts I received are non-makeup/non-skincare items.Which is okay with me because I love them just the same =)

But since this blog is more of makeup/skincare related, I'll just be posting my brother's gift to me.

Okay so I was so excited trying to open my gift. It was in a Zara paperbag. And I found it too light when I took it and I knew the stuff inside can't be clothes. When I opened it, I saw this:

It's a lip balm from David & Goliath. It's cute! It has skulls. lol. My brother told me that he knew I'd like it cos of the skulls. lol. After that, he handed me another paperbag. And I opened it. And found this:
It's Philosophy's summer skincare rescue pack! It has 3 items inside:

1.) The Microdelivery exfoliating wash
2.) The Supernatural Poreless, Flawless Tinted SPF 15
3.) Kiss Me lipgloss

I love them! My brother mostly gave us all Philosophy gifts except for the guys. I guess he noticed me and my sister raving so much about it... I can't wait to try these!

How was your Chirstmas? Did you receive any skincare/makeup gifts? =)


Angie said...

Haha that's so cute! <3 I didn't know David & Goliath had lip balm!

Catmare said...

I didn't know either. lol. Don't know yet if it's good. But it's really cute. =)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

the lip balm is just so cute!

i have never seen such a cute "gothic" packaging for a lip balm. i want one like that na din!

do tell us about your philosophy experience,hun!

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