MAC Studio Fix: From C3 to NC40

I went to Rustan's a few days ago and I went to get a new Studio Fix because I am already running out of it. What I already have is a C3 and it's actually my first Studio Fix, which I got from a Salon near my place. The bad thing is, you can't really swatch or try them because they don't have testers. So you just have to guess by looking at them. LOL. So yup, instead of getting it again from the Salon, I decided to go to Rustan's and ask the SA for a shade suitable for me. I told her, I just wanted something natural on my skin. I don't really like a product that would make my face look too white and make me look like a pantomime on photos. Gosh, it happened before when I used a Revlon 2 way foundation (the Revlon SA told me it was my shade but turned out it was too freaking light)! The horror!!! Anyway, so yeah. The MAC SA recommended me this shade NC40.. Actually, I think C3 looks okay and natural on me. But when the SA tried NC40 on my face, I thought it also looked nice and natural. So yeah, I decided to give NC40 a try.

I've swatched both C3 and NC40 for your reference if anyone is curious

C3 is lighter compared to NC40. And I think NC40 has a yellowish/brownish shade. I think it matches my skin color because it's almost unnoticeable on my skin when swatched. So yeah, I really think it's worth a try. Maybe this is the correct shade for me. I just tried it once and applied it on my face alone, the shade matched my neck even if I didn't apply anything on that part. So I think that's a good sign. I'm glad the SA suggested this shade for me and I'm glad I gave it a try. =)


twinsouls888 said...

I'm glad you found the perfect match for your skin. And you're right I think NC 40 matches your skin color coz the swatch is almost unnoticeable in your hand ^_^

Apeksha said...

Great product, also check Mac studio fix powder which is easy to apply and has an excellent coverage. It leaves a flawless professional look which is non-occlusive and oil free.

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