Review: Essence of Beauty Crease Brush Duo

I have never had any crease brush before. So I was very excited when I got these. They were shorter than I imagined (around 5 inches), and I think it's great. I prefer shorter ones instead of the longer ones because sometimes it gets in the way when I hold the mirror up to my face lol.

Anyway, the smaller brush I don't really use for my crease. It's quite too small so I use it just for smudging my eyeliner or setting my eyeliner with some eyeshadow.

The bigger crease brush is used mostly for the outer crease part of my eyes. I love the size of it, just right for my outer crease. It goes on well and I think colors are blended well when I use this. I must say it's soft although at times I feel like it's a bit scratchy. Just a little.

So before I ever owned a crease brush. I've been using a brush as a substitute. I got it from Elianto and it's actually a nose brush. The Elianto brush worked, although I am not that satisfied with it because it does not blend colors so well and it gives me harsh edges. As you can see on the image. The one on the left is the big crease brush from EOB and the one on the right is the Elianto nose brush.

Both brushes almost feel the same when it comes to softness. But the EOB one is thicker and more dense.

In this image: Elianto's on the left side, EOB on the right.

I took another shot, because the first image didn't seem like they had that much difference on their shape.

As you can see, EOB has a pointed shape compared to Elianto.

Not saying that Elianto's nose brush is bad. They are not comparable, actually. The two brushes serve different purpose. EOB crease brush for the eyes and Elianto's Nose Brush for the nose. Just thought I'd show you the difference of what I've been using as a crease brush before I got my EOB crease brush duo. =)

So yup, I am definitely loving these duo from Essence of Beauty! Putting color on my outer crease is so much easier now.

Rating: Good Kitty! (if it didn't feel a little scratchy at times, I'd rate it a Very Good one)


twinsouls888 said...

Ohh I've heard very good feedbacks about the Essence of Beauty Brushes. Do you know of any reseller here in the Philippines who sells these brushes? Tnx ^_^

Catmare said...

I don't know any reseller here in the Philippines. But if I found one, I'd let you know =)

BooBooNinja said...

Do you still find these scratchy now that you've had them for a while and washed them several times? Do you still reach for these brushes or have you found something better for Asian creases?

Catmare said...

@BooBooNinja, I think it still feels the same. I have other crease brushes, like ones from ELF. But I have to say, that this is still my favorite. I think it blends my eyeshadows better :)

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