Shiseido: White Lucent Brightening Spot-Control Base UV

Here's Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Spot-Control Base UV. A brightening spot control, sunscreen and base in one tube!

I got this from SM Watson's during their promo sale about 3 months ago. I thought it was the best time to buy because let's face it, Shiseido products aren't the cheapest. Anyway, most items were on discount and this was on a 20% off deal. From the original price of PHP 1,998. I was able to purchase it for only about PHP 1,600. Good deal, isn't it?

How did it work for me? JUMP!

From the Shiseido website:
A multi-functional color control pre-makeup base that protects skin from the harmful effects of UVA/UVB rays, including oxidation. Reduces the appearance of spots and dullness while providing exceptional brightening benefits.
・Formulated with Spot Concealing Powder* to minimize spots and freckles while providing broad spectrum protection from UV rays.

This product comes in 3 shades:
Ivory - corrects uneven skin tone for a natural bare look.
Green - reduce redness.
Pink - for a more vibrant look on yellowish skin tone.

I like the nozzle. It's very hygienic and you can control the amount of product that comes out of the tube.
I have yellow skin tone, but I chose the Ivory shade instead of the pink one. I'm afraid how pink would look like if I apply it all over my face, but somehow I'm curious about it that I'm wanting to try it too. Anyway, the shade Ivory is a bit light for me, but the tone adjusts once I apply my powder foundation over it. So it looks fine. I think it does give a natural glow on my face.

I apply this using my fingers or using my ELF flat top powder brush.

Aside from the spot concealing and brightening effect, I love the fact that this makeup base has SPF 35 and PA+++. Definitely a major plus because I don't have to use a separate Sunscreen when I use this. I also like that it's non sticky. But as most Shiseido products, it does have a bit of a floral scent to it. I wish it didn't but it's okay, I guess I already got used to it.

I've been using this for 3 months and so far, no breakout or allergic reaction.

Rating: Excellent Kitty!


breakingrumours said...

they sell this in phillipine's watsons? oh my :) sounds like a good product!

Catmare said...

@breakingrumors, well I actually got it from SM Dept Store but I think their Health and Beauty section is under Watson's. :D

Anonymous said...

ooo now i regret not buying it when i had the chance to :(

sugar sugar said...

great deal sis! i wish i could get deals like this haha! :)

Anonymous said...

I super duper love this product also :)
I got IVORY shade as well and it blends perfectly into my skin :)
I got the whole White Lucent/ Brightening range as well which comes in - Facial Foam, Facial Softener and Facial Moisturizer before you apply the base. Really, really worth it. :)
- Krystle

Catmare said...

@Krystle, it's really worth it. My sister uses the Moisturizer as well and she loves it! :)

Anonymous said...

Oops! I was about to pick this product up for my next issue! ;p I am impressed how much you know Japanese products! I blog current Japanese beauty secrets and rank it, so plz check it out! ThanX!

Catmare said...

@Lily, I sure am going to check your blog! :)

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