Urban Decay Lipstick: Gash and Voodoo

I love red lipstick! I actually prefer it than wearing nude or neutral colors. I feel like a red lip instantly brightens up my face.

Today I'll share two lipsticks I own from the brand Urban Decay.  I have them in the shade Voodoo and Gash.

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I am the type who's really crazy about cute packaging. With Urban Decay, the first thing that caught my attention is their unique packaging. I guess we all know that about Urban Decay.

See how cute the packaging is? I love the dagger and the print.

Like I mentioned, I love red shades when it comes to lipstick. The first Urban Decay lipstick I purchased was Gash, because I've always wanted a really deep dark red lipstick. And this is exactly what I was looking for. It's a full coverage deep bloody red color, which I really love. I often use this when I do neutral eyes. It's a matte lipstick so it can be drying. But what I usually do is apply lip balm before this to avoid dryness.

Because I was so pleased with Gash, I decided to get Voodoo as well. It's a dark pinky red shade with a bit of sparkle but it's not as opaque as Gash. It's actually kind of sheer but the color is buildable. I also like this shade. I noticed that I've been using this as my everyday lipstick in the past couple of weeks  :)

Swatch without flash

Swatch with flash

The staying power is good.

I got Gash for $22 in the US and I got Voodoo in Macau and I can't exactly remember how much. They are quite pricey. But with such a pretty packaging and lasting power, it's a good buy. Hopefully I could get more shades soon. :) 

Rating: Very good kitty!


Jessy said...

i think voodoo is probaly a btter colour for me, i mean they are both gorgeous colours, but gash seem a bit too dark~~~

sugar sugar said...

vodoo is such a pretty shade! :3

Aya said...

I like voodoo! I'm not a fan of sheer lippies but I like the shade :D

Miss Independent said...

i love that voodoo shade, very pretty!

Rae said...

Is your layout new? I like it.

Catmare said...

@Rae, yes it is. I've changed it last June I think. Thanks :)

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