Collective Haul

Hi everyone! I'm going to share some of the stuff that I got these past few days (or maybe weeks. I can't really remember. lol). This haul consists of beauty and non-beauty things. :D

First off, here are the things that I got from SM Department Store. I was just looking around and found these. I couldn't resist so I got them.

See my haul after the jump!

I got this organizer thing that you can fold up or hang. I got it in red, the color actually is what caught my attention. lol. I thought it would be great to store my accessories here because as of now I only store them in boxes and jars.

It's divided into four parts. I think it'll be a great way to store and organize my accessories here and it's also gonna make it easy for me to find the accessory that I would like to use.

I got this brown bracelet. I think it looks nice. I was asking for a new stock but this was the last piece so I got it anyway.

And of course, because I love cats, I got this cat necklace!

I picked this shampoo a few days ago. Currently the only shampoo that works for me is Suave Clarifying Shampoo. The rest I've tried are breaking me out. IDK why. I've never had problems with shampoo before. *sigh* Anyway, I thought I'd get this Sunsilk Weather Defense shampoo. It smelled really nice and hopefully it'll work for me.

And because I like red, I finally got myself an iPod Nano in red. Been contemplating for a while if I should get it or not. But finally I have decided to get it. I love how small it is. You can carry it or clip it anywhere. Oh! I forgot to take a picture but I also got a watch bracelet for this so I can also wear it as a wrist watch. :)

And lastly, a few items from Etude House. I was originally going to get the Tea Time Facial Wash in Green Tea. I gave one to my friend a few months ago and she kept raving about it. So I wanted to get it for myself, too. But sadly it was out of stock. So I ended up getting Fresh Nail Spa (which I think is a nail polish remover) and a grey colored nail polish.

So that's all for my haul. I hope you enjoyed!


Aya said...

I love EH nail polish remover :D It smells loooovely! Haha and so does the blue variant :D

sugar sugar said...

Yay for hauls! =D I need that organizer thingie too! LOL! =)

breakingrumours said...

I am giving away the facial wash in my mini giveaway lol lol/ I like the organizer! so niftyy

Catmare said...

@Aya, I like TFS nail polish remover. It smells like strawberry. But I'm gonna give this EH one a try, too. It smells nice too. :)

@sugar, Yup, you should go get it too. :D

@breakingrumors, cool! good thing your giveaway hasn't ended yet. I thought I'll try my luck. lol.

DeBi said...

yey for your hauls! i like the ipod nano! lol

HitomiNeko said...

mmmm Grey Nail Polish. want to try <3

xoxo HItomiNeko xoox

Jackie said...

The grey nail polish is so cute! nice haul ^^

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