What's in my Make up bag?

Hi everyone! I just thought I'd share what's inside my kit. I don't really carry so much. Just a few basic things I use from day to day. My lip products and blush changes daily depending on what I feel like wearing. :)

My makeup bag! I got it from Sanrio Puroland when I visited Japan. So cute. :)

Currently what's inside

What's inside:

1.) Shiseido lash curler
2.) Ecotools brush
3.) Nars blush in Orgasm
4.) Sephora lip liner (Natural, I think)
5.) Nars lipgloss in Pillow Talk
6.) Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero
7.) Lolita perfume sample
8.) Softlips cherry
9.) Mac Studio Fix NC40
10.) hair pins
11.) black rubbers

I always make sure I carry some hair pins and black rubbers with me. Because there are days when my hair just won't cooperate so I just tie it or something. :) So yeah, that's all. Hope you enjoyed!


donnarence said...

your makeup pouch is superrrr cute!! agree with hairpins and rubber bands.. plus super hot in manila

coffretgorge said...

my best friend is gonna flip when she sees your kuromi makeup case! :)

Aya said...

Makeup bag so cute!!! :D I also make sure I have hair clips and pins in my bag ALWAYS! Hahaha

And regarding your question about the Maybelline BB cream, it's fragrance-free but it has a really subtle makeup smell that you won't even notice when it's on your face already. Hope that helped :)

Catmare said...

thanks for letting me know, Aya! :)

MissKatv said...

aw. I envy your make up bag! :))

followed you :D

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