NYX Smokey Look Kit

I don't do Smokey Eyes that often, but I thought I still have to have this one. I like how sleek and compact the packaging is, it's so convenient to carry around.

See more photos and swatches:

It comes in 9 shades of eyeshadow and 2 lip colors. This palette is so versatile. I like that it does not only let you do smokey eyes, but you can also create your daytime neutral look with it.

And here's a swatch of the 9 eyeshadow shades. 
Upper Part: without Too Faced shadow insurance
Lower Part: with Too Faced shadow insurance
 See how pigmented that is? I can barely see a difference from the ones with TF primer. Love love the colors. Smokey but still neutral. <3

I got this from a store called Donki (I'm not sure) during my visit in Japan. I can't really remember for how much. I think the price is on the back info of the palette. I'll check it out later and update this post, but from what I remember I think it's more expensive than the US price.
EDIT: Price on the back info is 1,953 Yen.

Rating: Good Kitty!


sugar sugar said...

please do an EOTD/FOTD with this palette! i think it will look super lovely. ^-^

Catmare said...

I will try to do that soon, Sugar. Have a nice day! :)

Jbreezybaby said...

wow that looks nice! I love doing smoky look especially at night, how I really wish I can find something like this locally!

Hazel said...

i love how pigmented it is :) we don't have nyx here in the phils am i right? :)

Catmare said...

Yeah. Sadly, no NYX here in the Phils :(

Opal Stevens said...

I really love your beauty blog and I'm having fun looking through all your articles :D Hope you can come check out my hair & beauty blog!


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