Nail Polish: Aziza in Lust

I love red! And for nail polishes, I probably wear my red polish most of the time (aside from black. they both are my faves!). A few days ago, I found this gorgeous deep red polish and I thought it was love at first sight. It's not just plain red though, it has sparkles in it. I actually prefer plain ones instead of glittery ones but this just caught my eye. The sparkles were tiny, not chunky and glitter-like. I think it looked pretty.

I love the formula. Not thick, it's almost liquidy. I like that kind of texture because it's easier and smoother to apply. The only thing is, you need about two coats of this to get that deep red color.

So far, it's my current fave nail polish. :)

Rating: Good kitty!


Jbreezybaby said...

prettty red!!!now i want to sport a deep red color as well lol. xoxo

MissKatv said...

bloody red.:D
yung mga mangga galing kay BF :)

Catmare said...

sweet naman ni BF :D

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