New Purchase!

I just got some of the stuff that I asked my bro-in-law to get for me. I guess I was lucky because someone he knew was going home and he asked if they could bring along my stuff so I can get them sooner. I'm so happy to have received them this early. I thought I'd have to wait for a month or so. =)

It's funny to imagine a guy buying these girly stuff at stores like Sephora, Ulta, etc.. He told me stories at how the sales people would react when they see him. They'd joke and say stuff like "Hi! What are you doing here?!", "These are not for you, right?" in a friendly manner. One of the things I could remember that he replied to them was, "These are for my sister, she's bed ridden and disabled that's why she asked me to get all these for her"... HAHA! My bro-in-law's cool and funny. But of course they didn't believe him. But they thought it was sweet that he's buying stuff for his sister. lol. Anyway, enough rambling. =D Here are the stuff that I got:

1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance
2. Nars Love Set
3. Eco Tools 5 piece brush set
4. Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki
5. NYX Eyeshadow in Black
6. NYX Eyeshadow in Taupe
7. Essence of Beauty Crease Brush Duo

Finally got the Nars Love Set! I never got the chance to check it out at Rustans but the set was almost out of stock at Sephora stores so I had to get it before it's gone. It was a risk without trying it first, I know. But I have no regrets! I love it!

I'm also glad to have the Essence of Beauty Crease Brush Duo, been looking for a crease brush for ages so I'm very excited about it too.

Hopefully, I could post reviews about each of these products soon. =)


gracie said...

wow.. amazing! I asked also my high school friend to buy me just a body splash at victoria secret, sbi nya: "wtf! i dont like to go there, they will think I'm gay!" he ended up sending me money and buy vs here hahahaha~!

Catmare said...

Hahah! I know. He's my ever reliable bro-in-law. He can't say no to me! Haha!

That's so funny! You should've forced your friend to go to VS, he'll def have a fab time in there. Hahaha!

gracie said...

wahahaha! when he got here. He curse me a lot!

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