How to keep your eyeliner from smudging

Eyeliner is probably my favorite makeup product ever. My very first eyeliner was an Elizabeth Arden. It had been stored in my drawer for quite a while before I finally found myself wanting to use it. The first time I used it, I only applied it on my waterline. I didn't put any on my upper lash line. Because I didn't know that I had to. But I was already satisfied with the look, it already made a difference. And I knew my eyes looked better. Of course, time came when I found out that I also had to put some eyeliner on my upper lash line. So yeah, that made the look even better. It opened up and enhanced the look of my eyes even more. =)

Yes I loved it. But I had one major dilemma, it smudged like crazy! I had no problem with my upper lash line from smudging. But the outer corner of my lower lash line smudged on me like there's no tomorrow. It's so annoying! I tried other eyeliners. As far as I can remember I think I used one from The Face Shop and it still smudged a lot. Until I went on and googled (always remember that google is your friend) for reviews and found out about Revlon Colorstay. I got it, tried it and I did see an improvement. Although I must admit, it still smudged. But not as much as the other eyeliners I've tried. So one thing I could advice, look and research for a good smudge-proof eyeliner.

The thing is, no matter how smudge-proof or water resistant your eyeliner is, there's still a possibility for it to smudge especially if you live in a hot and humid weather. But if you don't want to give up like me and you want to keep on trying some ways to keep it from smudging, then maybe you might want to try some of these things I've learned and tried.

1.) Look for a good eyeliner - A good eyeliner doesn't have to be anything expensive. There are good cheap brands that carries good eyeliners. As much as possible, try not to purchase on impulse. Do a research about the product you want to try and read reviews. Ask people you know that might've tried them. And see what they think about it.

2.) Use an eyeshadow to set your eyeliner. Line your lash line with your favorite pencil eyeliner, then set it with a matching eyeshadow. This will help soak up the oils and somehow help prevent the smudging.

3.) Your powder or powder foundation is wonderful for blotting the oils on your eye area. So when you feel like you need to retouch, do so. Carefully blot around your eye area to help absorb the oils.

4.) Use a good eye primer like Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Urban Decay Primer Potion. I am using the one from Too Faced. I know it's real purpose is to avoid eyeshadow creasing, but I put it on my lower lash line focusing on the outer corner. And it works so well. It did help keep my eyeliner from melting. I can actually see a big difference. Although, it still does smudge a tinsy bit sometimes. I think I see a little darkness on the outer corner but not really anything crazy. That's around after 6-7 hours if I'm not mistaken. I guess it still depends on how long you wear your eyeliner.

5.) If all else fail, try using other types of eyeliners.
  • Liquid eyeliner - Pick a good liquid eyeliner. They won't budge at all. But they're only meant to be used on the upper lash line. So if you're having problems with smudging on your upper lash line, try using a liquid liner.
  • MAC Fluidline Gel Liner - LOVE! I would def suggest this one. I have used this a couple of times and I love it. It could be used on both upper and lower lash line. I even have it on my waterline. And yes, it doesn't melt. The color on my lower lash line fades a little at the end of the day, though. But still, it didn't smudge like a pencil eyeliner would. And I didn't even apply the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, how much better if I did?.. I did see a little bit of darkening on the outer lower corner of my lash line though, but it was not too visible. And that was after 6-7 hours I think (Gah I'm not sure). Anyway the only con is that it takes a little time to apply especially when you're new with this whole brush application method. And also, it's kind of a hassle to bring along your jar of gel liner and eyeliner brush for touch-ups.. But no matter what, MAC fluidline is current my fave!

Sorry bout the time length, I'm not quite sure. But I will note the # of hours next time and I will do an update... That's it for now, hope I helped! =)


Chrissy said...

Thanks for the tips!!

Shen said...

I'm loving this post. :)i agree with you all the way. :) i use fluidline on my waterline before except when i learned that it was not advisable by MAC people sincce its not so safe. :(

Anonymous said...

I have felt exactly the same way! I live in Florida so it is ALWAYS hot and humid! I have tried every method and product under the sun and it still smudges. I even used eyeshadow as eyeliner. That wouldn't smudge, but it would disappear by the end of the day like I wasn't even wearing eyeliner. I'm starting to think that it is impossible to keep it from smudging in FL. lol! I will definitely try this. Thanks =)

Catmare said...

Yeah, I know. Seems impossible but I'm not givin up. lol. You might want to check out this post as well:

Danielle said...

Thanks! Helped a lot!

Anonymous said...

hi! awesome post! i've been looking for a good eyeliner too, but MAC fluidline smudges for me :(

Anonymous said...

Liquid eyeliner does smudge... it sort of comes off onto the upper lid.

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