Shiseido: Eyelash Curler

Like I said on my first entry, I never really curled my lashes until I was like 20 (unless there's special occasion, I'd let the makeup artist do it). I bought my first lash curler from our local Watson's drugstore. I can't really remember how much but it was cheap.. I didn't really care much about it. It pinched my lid like crazy but I still didn't care. I just tried to avoid curling near the root of my lashes. And once in a while, an eyelash would fall. But still, I didn't care. Haha! Because I am chinky eyed, I thought it was just my eyes... But I don't know, just one day I guess I got tired of all the pinching and I thought I'd do a research on lash curlers. And I've read good reviews on both Shu Uemura and Shiseido lash curlers.. I then just decided to get the Shiseido one because I read it's designed for asian eyes and is perfect for the chinky ones. So yeah I got it. And the first time I tried it, good heavens. I really cannot believe it but there's no more pinching!!! It was perfect even if I curl my lashes at the very root.. And one more thing I liked about it is that it holds my curls even after I put mascara on. It's great! My old curler can't even maintain the curls after applying mascara! Sheesh...

This is definitely one of my HG. Love it!


Zaniac said...

Yeah, it's so hard to find all these perfect beauty treatments and such.

Lucky you!

Catmare said...

Hi Zaniac!

Yeah I know. One thing that could work for others may not work for you and vice versa.. I'm glad that it worked for me. =)

Thanks for reading!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have actually never tried this one yet..
i have tried shu uemura but not this one..
maybe ill put it on my wish list..

thanks for the review!

Catmare said...

Yes, you should. And they also sell rubber refills, unlike Shu Uemura =)

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