Neutrogena Facial Cleansers

I have mentioned on my first post that I have been a religious user of Clinique's 3-step skin care system for years. But since I ran out of my facial wash, I thought of getting something else from the drugstore while I was waiting for my new set to arrive. So yeah, I saw this blue bottle of Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Ultra Foam Cleanser. It seemed nice, and I thought it's perfect for summer since it's super hot from where I live. So I purchased it and tried it. It feels so cool on my face, I love that tingly mint feeling it gave. But one thing I didn't like about it, is that it's probably too harsh for my eye area. I read the instructions at the back saying "avoid delicate eye area"... So yeah, I thought I had to buy a separate cleanser specifically for my eye area. I'm just really freaked out after I noticed some fine lines under my eyes, so I thought I should really be careful and not use the Invigorating foam cleanser on my delicate eye area. Better safe than sorry.

I went back to the drugstore the next day to get a cleanser for my eyes. I specifically wanted something mild and safe for it. I spotted another Neutrogena product. It's the Liquid Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Cleanser and it's fragrance-free. I used it and it was okay, not harsh. But I noticed it smelled like fish. =| But it's okay I guess. I use this to wash my eye area before I wash my face with the Invigorating cleanser. =)

So yeah, so far both are just doing fine. I feel like my face is clean and fresh enough.


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