Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil by Eyestudio

Hi everyone!

I would like to do a post about my first eyebrow pencil. I've never used pencil for my brows before so I can't really compare it with other pencils. But I'm going let you guys know what I think about it and I'll also include a swatch.

 (Sorry if this photo is not as clear as the others, I quickly took a photo with my phone because I just realized I don't have a photo without the cap.)

Know more after the jump!

I have used 2 eyebrow kits before I purchased this pencil. One from ELF and the other from Etude House. Just to give you an idea, I have black hair and yellowish warm undertones. The ELF palette that I got was in dark but it did not work for me. The shade was off, it looked red and I didn't like it.

Then I got myself the Etude House Perfect Eyebrow Kit. I actually love this kit and I've been using it everyday. I use the darker shade most of the time. I know that the palette's in shades of brown but me having black hair, I sometimes feel that brown doesn't look that natural on me. And there are times when I notice that my brows are brown. I don't really hate it. I actually like it but I realized that I'm not that satisfied.

(This photo was taken when it was still brand new.)

One time I saw my friend grooming her brows. She applied eyebrow pencil on them and I thought the shade looked nice. I asked what she was using. It was MAC eyebrow pencil in Taupe. The shade was like greyish brown. I wanted to get one as soon as I swatched it on my hand. When we were in Singapore, I was in one of the many department stores at Orchard Road. I saw a Maybelline counter and saw the Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil by Eyestudio. I looked at the shades but the shades weren't written on the packaging so I just asked the SA and she told me that the one I picked is in the shade grey. I thought it looked almost the same as the MAC Taupe that I was planning to buy. I got super excited so I purchased it.

So far I am loving it. I sometimes use it alone but I usually use it along with my Etude House Perfect Brow Kit. I apply this first then top it with the dark shade from my Etude House kit and then I brush it. I love it because my brows look so much more natural. I think it looks perfect with my black hair. The only thing is that it doesn't last especially on a humid weather, so you may need to retouch. I'm okay with that because the pencil is pretty small and you can carry it anywhere. :)

I got this from Singapore for about SGD $6. I'm not quite sure, though. It's been a while but that's what I remember. A few weeks ago I was at Watson's and they have it as well. It only costs PHP 120+ or 160+, I think. So if you convert the SGD price, it is so much cheaper here.

Rating: Very good kitty!

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DeBi said...

wow, ive been having the same dilemma. will definitely look on this one.

nice review and goodluck to everybody.

Hazel said...

post fotd photo using this one! i'd love to see how it fairs ;) i'll def check this over at watsons.thanks for sharing!

Catmare said...

I'll try to Hazel. Thanks :)

Chococcuro said...

Thank you so much for sharing your eyebrow products! I'm eyebrow products challenged..I actually just use a pencil eyeliner to do my brow >.< It's so great that you posted about a couple of different products. I'm going to big the MAC pencil a try too!

I'll be following you for more great reviews ^^

Anonymous said...

Oh this sounds promising. (: I have sparse brows & am using NYX's brow pencil but it takes sooo much time and effort to make them look natural. I know brow powders create a more natural effect and I heard Wet n Wild's brow kit is pretty good. I might check out the Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil to use as a "base". Thanks for sharing!

Btw, I've given you an award. (: Congrats!

Catmare said...

Chococcuro and Tiffo, I'm glad that this post has helped you. And thanks Tiffo for the blog award, I am so touched. :)

Catmare said...

Btw, I will try to do FOTD using this eyebrow pencil or maybe edit this post and add a photo or maybe an updated post. :D I'll see. I hope I can do it soon.

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