New purchase and some reviews

Hi everyone! Here are the stuff I have acquired lately.

1.) Revlon Matte Lipstick
2.) Skin Food Nail Polish
3.) The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

Plus I've purchased Olay Total Effects Night Cream (which I forgot to include in the picture) about 3 weeks ago I think

What I think about them...

By the way, instead of the usual 5 stars rating, I will be using Bad Kitty, Good Kitty, Very Good Kitty, and so on for my rating. LOL. Just for fun. I got that from my nephews. When someone's mean they always say "bad kitty" and I thought it's funny... Anyway okay enough rambling, here's goes my mini review:

1.) Revlon Matte Lipstick in Mauve it over - I went to the mall last Monday and looked around the Health and Beauty corner of the department store. And I was surprised to see that they already have Revlon's Matte Lipstick! Anyways, I originally wanted to try the Nude Attitude shade because I don't have any lipstick with that kind of nude shade yet. I tried it on but it looked like I just ate a whole kilo of dried watermelon seed. LOL. It looked too pale that I don't think it matched my skin tone at all. So yeah, I tried other colors and I ended up liking Mauve it over. It's a neutral pink with a bit of a peach shade and it suites my lip color well. I love how it doesn't dry out my lips as much as my other matte lipstick. It's my new fave lipstick!
Rating: Good Good Kitty

2.) Skin Food Nail Polish - Got them for PHP 185 each. In colors black, red and glittery dark purple. I actually still have my The Face Shop nail polish in black and red but they have become too thick and gooey already. Bad kitty. Is it okay to put a nail polish remover to make it okay again?.. Anyways, about the Skin Food Nail Polish I got, I just bought them yesterday and I haven't tried them out yet. So I can't really rate them yet. I will, next time.=)

3.) The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover - Because The Face Shop has already discontinued their Herb Clear Lip & Eye Make-up Remover (my favorite oil-free make-up remover that I use when I make small corrections on make-up), I thought I'd try this one. The bottle didn't indicate that it's oil-free, so I asked the SA and she said it's oil-free. Hmmm. I just got this today for PHP 405 (original price was PHP 450, 10% off). I will post a review once I have tried it out.

4.) Olay Total Effects Night Cream - I wanted to try a cheaper alternative of an anti-aging moisturizer (for night time). So I got this one from Olay. I think I got it for PHP 695 or PHP 699. It claims to diminish the 7 signs of aging (fine lines, age spots and more). I tried it out the first night and I loved how lightweight this cream is. It didn't leave my skin sticky, instead it felt so smooth. It has a bit of a flowery smell but it's not too overpowering so it's okay.. I was happy about it, so I went on and used it again the next night. The morning I woke up, I noticed tiny red bumps around my nose area and my chin. *sigh*. I thought of giving my skin a break and after a week I tried it out again and it gave the same reaction. I guess this one's not for me. I really wanted it to work but too bad. =(
Rating: Very Bad Kitty

So that's it for now. Til my next post! =)


~tHiAmErE~ said...

too bad olay didn't work for you...
i tried the moisturizer once, but after putting it on, i would perspire a lot
so i feel like its wont be able to do the job so i just gave it to my mom...

i know that the body shop is on sale..
but i can't go out to the mall kasi its raining

i would so love to buy a couple of stuff from them...

Soapaholic said...

Hahaha I love the kitty ratings!^_^

I didn't really like Olay as well. I'd like to try the Revlon Matte Lipstick some time.:)

Catmare said...

@thiamere: hope you'll get to visit TBS, I think most of their stuff are on discount =)

@soapaholic: Hope you'll like it too. I love the Revlon Matte, I want to get other colors. =)

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