Some citrusy skin care that didn't work for me

It's weird.

Because I know that Vitamin C is good for my skin, I have tried to look for off the shelf skin care products that contains Vitamin C. But unfortunately, nothing seems to work right for me.

My skin: Combination. Normal/Dry on cheeks, a little oily on T-zone area.

These are the skin care products I am talking about. And they all gave me severe white heads and tiny red bumps!

1.) The Body Shop: Vitamin C Moisturizer SPF 15 - I wanted this to work because I badly needed a sunscreen. I remember that this smelled citrusy which was okay. But I think it was a bit too sticky for me. I really don't like sticky products. They make me uncomfortable especially in a hot weather like the Philippines! So yeah, even if it was sticky I gave it a chance. But I soon regretted giving this product a chance because it gave me so much whiteheads and tiny red bumps. I even felt my usual smooth chin becoming rough because of the bumps! So I stopped using it and gave it to my bf. He, too, grew a pimple from using this so he stopped using it.

2.) The Face Shop: White Tree Pure Vita Spot Corrector - this one I'm not really sure if it contains Vitamin C. I have already thrown the box, but I think it does and it smells citrusy. It actually smells similar to TBS's Vitamin C Moisturizer SPF 15... Same thing, I bought this product because I have a couple of dark sun spots and this serum is supposed to help get rid of those. But before I can even see any improvement, it caused me whiteheads and tiny red bumps. So I had to stop using it. *sigh* I was kind of disappointed, I actually use a lot of other The Face Shop skin care products. And I love them (I might put a review about them sometime soon), so I was expecting this to work. So yeah, I'm sad.

3.) The Face Shop: Flebeaute White Crystal Pure Vita Program (Ampoule) - I can't find a picture of this on the internet so I took the picture myself.. Okay so it's my fault. I should've been precautious about buying products with Vit C since they don't seem to work for me. But this was like an impulse buy... So I immediately got the two (Step 1: 3% and Step 2: 5%). Gosh, I should've bought the Step 1 first so I could've tried and tested it... Anyway, the product claims to brighten the skin and also help improve the look of dark spots. I was actually excited about this, since the "White Tree Spot Corrector" didn't work, I hoped this one would. But it didn't. Like the first two products I mentioned, this one gave me whiteheads and red bumps. This is actually one of my recent buys, so I am still fresh from the acnes! Still suffering roughness on my chin because of the bumps, plus some around my nose... One of them even grew to become a pimple right at the middle of my nose! Argh! But it's gone now, I have applied some Clinique Acne Solution and it dried. But there's still the usual dark mark left. =(

These products didn't work for me which is kind of weird because my dermatologist gave me a Vitamin C serum and it worked fine..

I don't know why. Maybe these products are just not for me.. But it doesn't mean they won't work for everyone. Remember we all have different skin types, so some might not be working for me but works superb for others.. This is just a review based from my experience. =)

So there.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

awwww....too bad,huh?
but im sure you'll find something that will work for you..

i hate those blemishes too..
i broke out from something..i just hope its not the foundation that im using..& is looking for something for my blemishes..

hope you'll find that perfect product for you!
happy easter~!

Fifi said...

ooh thanks for the review? I wanted to try the body shop vitamin C line but I chose Vitamin E instead. Did you try anything else from The Body Shop? I love their skincare stuffs! :)

Catmare said...

@FiFi: I have tried some other products, like their eye serum I think it's Vit E. =) It didn't cause me irritation, I think it's okay. I have also recently bought their camomile makeup remover and I'm gonna do review bout that in the following days. =)

Rae said...

I've been using Jason's Ester-C Moisturizer since 4 years ago(more or less).

Never switched to anything else.

But now I'm eyeing GNC's Vitamin C Moisturizer, coz it's cheap. Below 200php for 2 ounces. Just haven't found enough reviews on it.

Catmare said...

@Rae, I was at GNC a while ago and I think I saw that. They even had one in Aloe Vera I think. :D

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