Everyday Minerals

My EDM package arrived yesterday (just in time), it came straight to my mail so I didn't have to pick it up from the Post Office. =)

My orders:
1.) Flat top brush
2.) Kabuki brush
3.) Wild Flowers eyeshadow
4.) Casual Friday eyeshadow
5.) In the Garden eyeshadow
6.) I love eyeliners so I got the BLACK eyeliner.

I thought that since I am ordering stuff from them, I might as well get the free sample kit, too. And as you can see, I didn't order any big foundation base, because I wasn't sure what shade I'm supposed to get. Good thing they're giving away free samples, so I could see first how they'd match my skin.

1.) Base: Golden Fawn - matte
2.) Base: Golden Winged Butter - matte
3.) Base: Olive Golden Medium - matte
4.) Blush: Salon Fun
5.) Concealer: Multi-Tasking

I tried the bases and swatched them on my forehead. =D The first two bases, didn't match my skintone (I think).. The Golden Fawn seemed a bit lighter for my skin while the Golden Winged Butter was kind of too yellow. And yes, the website's right. It's buttery!.. Anyway, the Olive Golden Medium seemed to match my skin. Although, I think the Golden Light would've matched my skin, too. Because it's in the middle of the two bases that are lighter and darker/yellower for my skin. =p Too bad I didn't get it. Oh well, maybe on my next order. =)

My Attempt: In The Garden Eyeshadow (and BLACK eyeliner)
I usually shy away from shimmery eyeshadows, but people were raving about "In the Garden" so I thought I'd give it a go. I got pretty excited about it so I tried it on immediately.. And I loved it. It's very pigmented. It's shimmery but it still looks natural.

I also tried on the black eyeliner. At first, I tried putting it on without adding water. But some fell under my eyes, so I tried putting a tinsy bit of water and it worked fine. It's sooo black I love it! <3

And oh, the brushes! They are lovely! So soft.. My Mom wants them, too. LOL.

I love freebies, but I didn't get any freebie from my order (well aside from the sample kit). Boohoo! =(

I hope I am not allergic to them or anything. Because I heard some people are. Which is too bad because so far I think these are pretty good products... We'll see. I haven't tried the other stuff yet.


Zaniac said...

I wonder if they have hypoallergenic types...

If they do, they must be very expensive.

Oh, and you have pretty eyes.

They're very unique.

Nice post.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

you got your Everyday Minerals...

i love the brushes too..
its really soft...
softer than Ecotools

at least you were able to grab the free makeup kit..

Most people don't like Bare Escentuals because of the Bismuth..i guess its because lots are allergic to it..hope it will work out for you too!

Catmare said...

@Zaniac: I think they are hypoallergenic, they don't use fragrance or preservatives (parabens). Everything's mineral =) And it's pretty cheap compared to other mineral makeup.

@thiamere: I am about to get my Ecotools. I also asked my brother to get me that. He's having trouble finding it in Canada. Lol. I haven't tried other Mineral makeup, this is my first one. =) And I am impressed.

*Nehs* said...

wow! how pretty!

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