The Beauty Experiment

Skin Care
Okay, so I guess I've been a bit obsessed about skin care products when I turned 20. I never put anything on my face before that. Maybe minimal moisturizer, but most often I skipped putting it on. I just didn't like the sticky feeling. But when I hit the age of 20 I started to worry about my skin. I remember someone telling me that if I don't moisturize my skin, I'd age fast. And that made me worry. I remember going to Clinique during one of our trips to New York. The Clinique SA recommended that I used their 3 step skin care. And I did. I loved it. And after years, I'm still using it. It made my face a lot smoother and radiant. One more thing I noticed, my face color is even... So I never stopped using it til now.

Since I noticed the visible improvement of my skin. I have started my quest to search for some more skin care products. Eye creams, Sunscreens, Face creams and the list goes on...

My sudden curiosity on make up
Okay, so I was never really that interested with makeup. I'd like to keep it simple. Just powder foundation, blush, lip gloss and eyeliner. I haven't even really used mascara and eyelash curler until I was 20. Anyway aside from that, I didn't really bother much. I haven't really put on eyeshadow or whatever, not until there are special occasions like wedding. But I'd have my trusted makeup artist do it for me... How did all these makeup interest came up? Well, it was my friend's wedding. I already had everything prepared. My cute little black tube bubble skirt dress, my red shoes, and red clutch.. I contacted my reliable makeup artist but to my disappointment, he won't be available on my friend's wedding day! I tried to look for other makeup artists but it worried me, that the makeup might be too "THICK" or "TOO MUCH" and that I might look like a clown.. It already happend to me before so I'm kind of traumatized. Lol.. So I thought I might as well just put makeup myself. The way I like it. I knew how put blush, lipstick, eyeliner, curl my lashes and put on mascara.. But the one thing that I had no idea about was how to put on some eyeshadow! I don't have an idea how to blend the colors and stuff.. So I asked some friends and searched for tutorials! Thank God there's Youtube! So I watched and learned and bought my first palette of eyeshadow. I stayed out of the bright colors and started with the neutrals.. Of course, my first trial was horrid! I looked like my eyes had been punched. But then I kept trying, I especially liked xteeener's tutorials, she helped me tremendously!.. My look on the wedding day wasn't that spectacular, it wasn't that bad either. It was just natural. And I liked it... After that, I don't know but I just suddenly had an interest on eyeshadows and makeup, there are days when I just want to sit in front of my mirror and experiment (like try on one of xteeener's tutorial). Sometimes it looks okay, oftentimes it's horrible. Lol. Still learning. And I'm enjoying it anyway, especially when I'm bored.

So that's about it, I babbled too much. Later!


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